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N5 Term Loan

 N5 Term Loan Financing offers business owners Simple Interest Term Loans. With low Monthly ACH Payments, longer loan terms and no prepayment penalty, can fund a business owner as soon as the next day.  You’ve been asking, so here’s your Easy Qualify / Monthly Payment Business Loan.

Broad Business Types: Financing does not have a restricted merchant list. We welcome all “For Profit” businesses. From traditional retail stores to online and home-based businesses, Financing for them all*. The business must be opened for 3+ months with an active business bank account and the owner must have a 500+ FICO.

We Lend Businesses More: We fund businesses up to 4x their gross monthly business income with loan sizes ranging from $3,500 to $75,000. We count all business income from credit card transactions, cash and check transactions.
Affordable Payments: Loan terms from 24 to 120 months make the monthly payment affordable. With fixed monthly ACH payments, borrowers no longer have to worry about daily repayment schedules.
No Prepayment Penalties! Businesses can pay off as soon as they’d like, allowing them to save on interest and renew faster.
Same Day Funding: Best of all, these loans can be funded in as soon as 4 hours! ** Now that’s fast funding!
Required Supporting Documents for this loan product will be provided.

Micro-Term Loan Highlights & Qualifications

$75K – $150K,
600+ Personal Credit Score – Primary Owner
12+ Months Time In Business
$20,000+ Monthly Revenue/Average Monthly Bank Deposits
12 – 36 Month Terms
Interest Rates Starting at 8.99%
Fast Funding in 2 – 3 Business Days
Weekly & Monthly Payments
Use The Funds For Anything Your Business Needs

Business Term Loan:

Product Info:

$150,000 – $500,000.
1-4 Year Pay Back Terms.
No Pre-Payment Penalty.
Interest Rates Starting at 6.49%.
Application to Funding Within 3-5 Days.
Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Payments.
*Use the funds for pretty much anything your business needs: SBA Bridge Loan, Expansion, Inventory, Payroll, Staffing, Marketing, Debt Restructure, New Equipment, etc.


24+ Months in business.
650+ Personal Credit Score.
$20,000 Minimum Monthly Revenue.
1 Year Personal Tax Return.
1 Year Business Tax Return.
Signed Application.
6 Months Most Recent Bank Statements.