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We fund up to 100% of the production of your goods. 

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If you are looking for additional capital to fill orders from your customers contact me today. Our Leander has over 23 years of experience and understands what it takes to satisfy the funding needs of companies. As a result, funding your first PO Financing or factoring transaction can happen in as little as one week

Deal Size ¡ $25,000 – $15,000,000. 

Types of Purchase Orders our Lender Finance:

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Finish Goods Funding

Q and A

What is purchase order financing anyways?

Purchase Order Funding (also known as Purchase Order Financing) is a lower-risk business loan option. Cash-strapped businesses receive financing when they need to finance growth quickly. It is a transaction specific type of funding to help purchase goods for companies with cash flow problems. Therefore, it is not always such a great fit for service based businesses.

By definition, this is when purchase order financing companies finance the production or acquisition of a product for resale. This helps a company deliver product to a creditworthy customer. Many people turn to this option to avoid short-term high interest cash flow loans. Unlike a term loan, this type of financing is specific to an individual transaction and outstanding customer orders.

There are a lot of financing options in the market today. While some are more expensive than others, purchase order financing is less expensive than most. PO Financing companies are usually easier to work with than a traditional financial institution like a bank or credit union.

Why is Purchase Order Financing important?
Losing out on a large purchase order due to lack of funds can have major negative impacts on a small business. It can prevent a small business owner from achieving their goals, or even paying their bills on time.

Entrepreneurs work too hard to lose orders and revenue due to lack of cash flow. In addition, you risk putting your customer relationship on the line. Those who depend on you might think twice next time they need to place a purchase order. Additionally, if word spreads throughout your organizations that you’re not able to fund orders, it may put a strain on employee relationships.

Who does PO Funding help?

PO financing is great for qualified businesses that need money. You may need extra liquid capital when growth outpaces available funds, or when funding from existing sources are insufficient. It’s not strange to think that your business may need extra capital at some point so you won’t turn customers away.

Companies like manufactures and importers who receive regular customer purchase are a great fit. With purchase order financing and factoring entrepreneurs and businesses are able to focus on running their business. Without the correct financing in place a business owner would worry about financing their daily cash flow needs instead.

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