Commercial / Residential Real Estate Financing

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Everlasting Financing Solutions is the best source in the industry for  financing your Commercial, or Business projects. We won’t rest until everyone else knows it.

Types of Loans:

1: Stated Income
The Stated Loan Program is for real estate owners not looking to supply a full financial package for multifamily, office, retail, warehouse, industrial, self-storage, automotive services, restaurants, bars, and mobile home parks to acquire or refinance with No Tax returns needed. 650 credit score min 

2. Bridge Loans / Commercial or Residential
The Bridge Loan programs for owners who have un-stabilized properties or shorter-term business plans.  

The FHA-HUD loan program is for multifamily and senior housing owners and potential purchasers looking to acquire, refinance or construct apartments or senior housing using long-term, non-recourse financing.

4. Fannie Mae
The Fannie May loan program is for multifamily housing owners and potential purchasers looking to purchase or refinance using non-recourse financing.

The CMBS loan program is for office, multifamily housing, retail, hotels, industrial warehouses and self-storage facility owners and potential purchasers looking to acquire or refinance using non-recourse financing.

6. HOA Loan Program
The HOA loan program is for homeowner’s associations looking to acquire real estate, acquire equipment or do capital maintenance projects.

7. Agricultural Loans – Real Estate
The Agricultural Loan program is for full time farmers looking to acquire or refinance real estate.

8. Start Up Business Loans:

Perfect For Start-Ups & New Purchases

New Business Acquisition Funding
Purchasing a start-up business or franchise is a new experience and scary proposition for most people. So many moving parts are involved in a transaction like this. Also,
With all this swirling in your head at once, the last thing you want to worry about is structuring a plan to finance the business. That is why you should not have to. We can help.

For business acquisitions without real estate, the term is typically 10 years with an interest rate between 4.75%-5.75%.

For business acquisitions with real estate, the term typically is 25 years with an interest rate between 4.75%-5.75%. min 620+ credit scores

9. Commercial Rental Loans:

In Need Of Rental Loans Created Just For Investors?

Our Lender offers a 30-year rental loan solution that will enable you to purchase a new property to expand your rental investment portfolio, refinance an existing property for a better rate, or take cash-out to access equity. This program will not ask to verify your income, meaning  No tax returns, W2s, paystubs, or 1099s needed. We will never ask to even see them! The decision is based on the income of the property and your credit. That is it! This is a truly stated income loan. Also, this is a commercial loan that will not report to the personal credit bureaus. This means that it will not affect your personal debt-income ratio. This loan program does not limit the number of rental properties you can invest in so you can keep purchasing properties without any limitations and it won’t affect your personal credit either! When you work with us, you won’t feel like you’re getting the short end of the deal. We want to see you succeed, and your investments grow. Minimum 660 FICO


Get 85% LTC and up to $3.5 million with land + construction

Must be shovel ready 

TIER 2 BUILDERS 2-4 ground-up projects in the past 3 years. 2 or more must be at a minimum 75% of proposed project’s size/amount. (Guarantors with 4+ projects that qualify as heavy rehab are also eligible).

TIER 3 BUILDERS 5+ ground-up multifamily projects. 3 or more must contain at least 75% of proposed number of units & 75% of the Total Cost Basis.

TIER 1 BUILDERS 5+ ground-up projects in the past 3 years. 2 or more must be at a minimum 75% of proposed project’s size/amount

650 Min Credit Score

11. DSCR Mortgage Loan

Need to Expand Your Company or Refinance Existing Debt (or Both)

Private equity lending

30 yr fixed DSCR

Loan Types: Purchase, Rate/Term, Cash Out
Property Types: Non-Owner Occupied Residential Properties SFR, 1-4 units
Loan Size from $100,000+
Rates start at 6.5% on 30-year FIXED
Up to 80% for Purchase & Rate/Term
Up to 75% for Cash Out
Min credit score 650
Asset Based Lending No Income Documentation
DSCR calculated from Appraisal Market Rent (no lease on purchase, no lease on refi <10%LTV>)
Interest Only available
30-year amortization on all property types
Investment Non-owner occupied ONLY
Min DSCR down to 0.8X
Flexible Prepayment Penalty for DSCR
Short-Term Rentals
Long-Term Rentals

Our Lender stand behind our promise to deliver time- sensitive financing to real estate investors.

12. SBA 7A  Torch Program  Loan up to 350K!

Do It Quickly & Efficiently With This Brand-New SBA 7A Loan Product 

The SBA 7A Torch Program In A Nutshell

Low variable interest rates

Prime +2.75% on all SBA 7a loans $50k-$350k (current rate is 10.25%) – Dec 15th 2022

Prime +3.75% on all SBA 7a loans $26k-$49k (current rate is 11.25%) – Dec 15th 2022

10 years with no prepayment penalties

25 years on real estate (5/3/1 prepayment penalty in first three years only)

2-year minimum time in business (under present ownership)

Most SBA eligible industries considered

Flexible Programs with Fast Approvals

13.Fixed Rate Loans
$25,000 – $300,000 range of funding
5 to 7 Year Terms
5% – 15% is the typical interest range
No prepayment penalties 680+ credit score

14. Credit Repair

While most companies try to find ways to charge more and sneak additional fees in each month, Our instead his chosen to focus on perfecting their service and improving the team performance. Everything they do centers on providing excellent value and unmatched benefits to you, such as:

One of the Lowest fees in the industry!
Free credit reports and scores
24hr account access
Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee®
Just the best results possible.

Credit repair is about making sure the credit reporting agencies are creating that report card “fairly”. It’s about making sure that what’s on that report card even belongs there. It’s about restoring your credit report to its highest potential, legally. And finally, it’s about making sure your credit report is optimized so it can produce the best possible credit score.

The company will review the credit report and see what’s bad and what could be better.
We get right to work on both — disputing any questionable items on your credit report and addressing the things we believe can help raise your credit score.

15.Community Bank Lending Program

The Community Bank Lending program is for stabilized commercial investment or owner-operated business properties looking to acquire or refinance.

16. Portfolio Rental Loan

portfolio rental loan program is designed for investors to unlock equity, get cash out of their existing rental investments, or purchase a portfolio of properties. You can also consolidate multiple rental property mortgages into a single loan so you can continue to grow your portfolio. We will not ask to verify your income meaning No Tax Returns, W2s, paystubs, or 1099s. We will never ask to see them! We will base our decision on the income of the properties and your credit. That is it! This is a truly Stated Income Loan.

This is a commercial loan so it will not report to the personal credit bureaus. This means that it will not affect your personal debt-income ratio. You can put as many rental properties as you want into this portfolio loan and you can combine 1-4 unit properties with 6+ unit properties as well. This is truly an awesome way to streamline your investments and you can even get a fixed rate for the next 30 years! Single-family homes, condos, 2-4 units, and 5+ units

Minimum 660 FICO score

We work with both owner-occupied businesses and investor-owned and non owner occupied properties. We work with both stabilized properties seeking long-term financing as well as un-stabilized properties which seek short-term financing or don’t qualify for long-term financing quite yet and Businesses looking for Financing

Commercial Real Estate Financing for All Types of Properties

Office Buildings
Senior Housing
Strip Malls
Shopping Centers
Hotels & Motels (Flag & Non-Flag)
Self-Storage Facilities
Car Repair Facilities
Mobile Home Parks
1-4 Unit Rental Properties

Restaurants & Bars


Investment real estate properties and more